Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Gift!

It was the last race of 2007 for AD and I and it was a great suprise for me, 1st place in the resolution run! It took me all year to get a 1st place finish but at least I can say I had a win in '07. It's a great start to the new year and I know Amber and I are going to have a great 2008. We have a lot on the go in the new year, The Boston Marathon, Ironman Louisville, and of course the Ironman World Championships; Ironman Hawaii! Not to mention the greatest event of my life, our wedding on October 15th in Hawaii. I'm looking forward to the coming year and many, many more with the girl I've waited to spend my life with, I love you AD, happy new year.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Biking with "The Grip"

It's been a great weekend with Amber, yesterday we took a road trip to Banff to catch up with the trailtrash group and complete our first trail run of the year. Unfortunately, they took off a little early an we just missed them, we ended up doing our own run around the golf course for an hour (we both were not in the mood for a three hour trail run anyway). With the shorter run we were able to spend some time in the hot springs and have a nice lunch at Earls.

Today we were back in the pool in the morning and I felt pretty good. I spent some time warming up 2km, and only pushed another 1km, 3km in one hour and feeling good throughout. After a nap in the afternoon we were on the bike for 90mins and had the privilage of seeing Mark Allen (The Grip) win the 1991 Ironman in a classic battle with Greg Welch. AD received our joint Christmas gift yesterday, coverage of all the Ironman world championships from 1991 to 2006. It was great to see such a dominant athlete stamp his third win on a race that he respects so much. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the DVD's to keep me motivated on the trainer and ready to qualify for the race myself.

Friday, December 28, 2007

First Deposit Made

If I have to start to pay for over indulgence this holiday season well today a big deposit was put in the bank. AD and I were on the bike for a tough two hour ride on the trainers. I was suffering after an hour and thank God Amber was there with me to keep me motivated and still pushing. It also helped that we were watching Lance and the rest of the major contenders in the 2003 tour suffer up the Pyrenees. The last half hour was a real struggle but I knew it was going to make me stronger and help prepare me for upcoming serious Ironman training.

Yesterday I felt fantastic in the pool as well, it's been a long time since my last swim (December 7th) but I still remember how to. I completed 3.5kms in 55 mins, great for me considering I usually do 3.0km in an hour, but felt great and didn't stop the entire time. Another deposit made.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yes, it's time to pay for over-indulging

Well it's Christmas time and tis' the time to enjoy time with family and friends and celebrate the success AD and I have experienced this year. After four days of not doing much of anything both Amber and I were feeling fat and happy, well not happy about being fat, but happy to spend some time with her family. We arrived back in Calgary, 9hrs on the road and after unpacking wanted to get back to normal. Normal for us means jumping on the bike for an hour and pushing ourselves back into the "training zone." We watched Lance in the 2003 tour and my legs felt like I had not been on the bike for a year. I struggled during the first 30 minutes, breathing a lot heavier than I normally do and obviously my quads and gluts have not had the bike training they are used to. Give me a week and things will be back on track, just in time for the resolution run.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Another great Weekend of Racing and Training

Amber and I had another great weekend, competing in the fifth race of the Calgary Road Runners cross country series, finally receiving my Tour de France DVDs and spending 2 1/2 hours on the trainer watching them. The race went really well for me, I did my best to stay with the two leaders, Luke Way and Trev Williams for as long as I could but they ended up dropping me on the first major climb, damn! I paid for my early effort for the rest of the race, struggling to just keep running as the terrain was hilly for the next 6.5km. I managed to hold off a strong chaser for third, so far that's three thirds and a fourth, fairly consistent but we'll see how I complete the season over the next couple races.

Sunday AD wanted to do 2 1/2 hours on the trainer and I'm always up for a long ride but it was a real struggle. Fortunately we had footage of the 1989 tour, one of the greatest tours in history with Greg Lemond winning in the final time trial by 8 seconds and the race that first made me interested in the tour. We also watched the 2003 tour, Lance's 5th victory and another great race. The last 1/2 hour was really hard as we were both starting to bonk, but made it with nothing left.

Another hard 1hr ride tonight and it wrapped up a great three days of training. Just in time to rest for the holiday's.

Friday, December 14, 2007

One of the Events of a Lifetime!

Yesterday AD and I had the privilage of seeing Bon Jovi in concert. I've never been much of a fan but after seeing him perform last night, I am now! I've see a lot of bands before, but no one has pumped up the crowd going like Bon Jovi did last night. A lot of jumping, screaming, happy fans were in the saddledome and it was amazing. AD has some sore knees from banging against the restraining bar and my ears were ringing like they haven't in a long time, lots of fun!

We decided to take it easy on the training this week, a lot of christmas parties and we were both really tired. Tomorrow is the next race in the Calgary Roadrunners X-country series so we'll find out if the rest has help us or hurt us. This time of year it's nice to take a mental break and do some other things we really don't get a chance to when training becomes a priority.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday Run With Friends

This morning was a great 90 minute run at Frank and Keri's place (friends of ours from trail running) it was an "athlete's Christmas party" with a sock exchange and a terrific breakfast. Nice to fit in a workout while connecting with friends. AD and I ran together the entire time and I think she was happy to run with me for once, I was happy too. Frank sounds like he is missing Ironman training, but is excited for his running events next year he's planning on doing an ultra-marathon and he and Keri will be joining us on the BC bike tour.

Yesterday was our usual trainer ride and we were both happy to keep it in zone 2 for the entire two hours. I was starting to feel really exhausted after 1hr 20mins but AD kept me going, thanks babe! We do make a great team.

The Saturday winter training environment...

Friday, December 7, 2007

Giving It All on the Bike!

Yesterday was a tough bike class at TCR, 10 one minute intervals at 110% threshold followed by a 4.5km TT and six one-legged intervals as a cool down. AD and I were still tired from a tough effort on the treadmill on Wednesday and our own tough bike training on Tuesday. I've gone to the well a few too many times this week and I paid for it during the attemped swim tonight. After 1500m I was done, the shortest swim work-out I think I've done in well over a year. Normally 2500m is my minimum but I just wasn't feeling it tonight. I'll rest up tonight and take it nice and easy on the trainer tomorrow, can't go a Saturday without some type of bike training!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Running to Stand Still

Yesterday AD and I decided to hit the gym after work, I've been working late every night and haven't felt much like training but sometimes I just need a swift kick from Amber to keep me motivated. Once I was in the gym I was ready to roll; I started by taking it easy on the treadmill 2% @ 8mph and gradually increased the incline by 2% every five minutes until I was doing 8% @ 8mph. At that time I was hurting and had to back off to 4%, but I was ready to gear up again during the 2nd half hour and hit 8% again.

Amber pushed herself too (I could tell by the strong running) it's probably not the best time of year to be doing intensity work, but damn we are going to be FAST for the early season races!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Great result in the cold weather

Yesterday was the fourth race in the Calgary Road Runners x-country series and I had a great result, better than other races anyway. Officially I finished third but Luke Way was ghost running the race and finished just ahead of me, so fourth. 34:46 was my time but it was a relatively good run given the cold weather. The 9mm spikes really helped with the soft snow and poor footing. The terrain was difficult to run in, it was like running in sand half the race and by the second lap I was really starting to tire out. I held on to the place I was in, even though I could feel myself running slower and slower, by the end I was completely spent. At least I earned my soup at the end.

Plc Name Time Div Plc/Div
1 Trev WILLIAMS 33:56 M3039 1/11
2 Don KING 34:05 M3039 2/11
3 Darin HUNTER 34:46 M3039 3/11
4 Curtis SAMPSON 35:58 M3039 4/11
5 Adam SAVILLE 36:28 M1829 1/4
6 Bruce DALTON 36:39 M4049 1/17
7 Lindsay MCLAREN 38:06 F3039 1/8
8 Mark LEGGETTE 38:21 M4049 2/17
9 Laurence MARKS 38:23 M3039 5/11
10 Adam TEASDALE 38:40 M1829 2/4

Today we worked hard on the trainer for a couple hours while watching "Overcoming" the story of team CSC during the 2004 Tour de France. Very inspiring but even a Z2 effort can seem difficult the day after racing, great motivation though.