Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dreaming of Summer

I know it's probably not healthy to be thinking about summer vacation plans at the beginning of December but I need some sort of 'event' or goal to be excited about. We are right in the middle of packing and making the move to Calgary and it's a lot of work so I'm thinking about all the things to look forward to in 2015 with the family. The highlight of our summer is definitely going to be our 'Tour BC' type bike trip through SE B.C. and SW Alberta, 7 days of camping and riding with the family in an RV doing some excellent training and having fun with Amber and Ryder. I have a lot of great 1/2s planned in 2015 too so getting back into swim-bike-run shape is going to be a challenge but one I look forward too. The only thing that was missing in our lives in GP was having family close by to watch Ryder for a while. It's very hard for a couple like us who need time to ourselves to just decompress from the day with training to always have at least one of us taking care of Ryder at all times. I think with my parents nearby it's going to make things a lot easier, Amber could take an hour or two during the day to train and I could take some time after work and we'd still all have time together as a family.

Tentative schedule for me next year is; Florida 70.3 (registered), Calgary 1/2 marathon, Chinook 1/2 IM (possibly), Calgary 70.3 (registered), Challenge 1/2 (registered)