Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun in the Sun

Family Time at the Market

After my last post people must have been thinking I'm getting depressed with this long cold winter and that was probably true, what was needed was a nice warm holiday where you live in shorts and t-shirts. Last week the family and I took a much needed vacation to Los Ayala, Mexico about 65kms north of Peurto Vallarta and it was fantastic. Aside from me catching a terrible stomach bug on Tuesday and wiping out one full day of holidays it was a terrific time. The flight took us from GP to Fort MacMurray to Puerto Vallarta in a total of about 8hrs including a 2hr delay in Ft Mac. not easy with a 1yr old who thinks he's a tasmanian devil, spinning in circles all flight long. It was soooo nice to feel the warm Mexican air and sun on our pale white faces that we didn't really care about the travel drama.

I was incredibly stoked to be able to run every morning but the first day I made the mistake of waiting until about 10:30 to go and it nearly killed me. I got home and was wasted after only 40 mins of running. After that I made sure I was back before 9-9:30 before it got too hot. The place we stayed with Amber's parents was fantastic in a little fishing village with calm waters and I managed to get in a couple swims as well.

Mom and Ryder enjoying the Beach

Unfortunately Ryder didn't like the sand or the waves but he had a great time in the pool, his mother was hilarous smearing sunscreen all over him but very smart because we didn't have to deal with a cranky baby. He slept better than I've seen him sleep in a long time and his days were full of fun things to do with us and the Grandparents. A great time was had by all and I'd definitely do it again but probably take something before to prevent getting sick, it's not that I ate anything wrong it's just that there is different bacteria there and us Northerners are going to get sick at some point.

Running Strong!

Dinner Time

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Long Winter

I remember the year Amber and I were training for a 1/2 Ironman in March in Puerto Rico and the fun we would have together riding in our basement dressed in layers of clothes with no fan and riding for 2.5 to 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday. We had so much fun training for that race and the winter just felt like it flew by. Things are a little different now but still lots of fun, just a different kind of fun. Even though I'm a Dad and I know I have more responsibilities at home I still like to try to train a few times a week. I feel like I'm a more well rounded person and I'm able to be more present with Amber and Ryder when I've taken some time for myself and put in a little training, even if it's just 20 minutes on the treadmill. It hasn't been easy, Ryder is not an easy kid and constantly needs someone there for him which puts a lot of the workload on Amber while I'm working or on the road. That being said I wouldn't change him, he is who he is and when he gets a little older it'll be nice to have a kid with lots of energy who wants to go for a run with his Dad.

I have done a few swim-bike-run sessions with the boys on Saturday morning and I look forward to it every week. They absolutely wipe me out but it's very good training and nice to get together with everyone and work hard once a week. We usually do a steady 1500m in the pool at 6:30-6:45, get on the trainer at 7:15 and try to get in 20 minutes bike, 3kms run on the track. The track is only 200m so there is a lot of turning but I prefer it to the treadmill because I'm able to play catch up with some other guys.

The swim seems to still be pretty good for January, I'm hitting 1:25 100s without completely gassing out but I don't have a lot of endurance right now so I'll have to just build that up slowly over the next few months. The bike is okay, I can only get in 2 rides a week and that's probably all I need right now but it's a challenge for me because I'm used to riding at least 3 times a week. I'm sticking to 40k maximum distance and I think my body appreciates it, some of the other guys are riding 2- 2.5hrs and I just can't do it, nor do I see the point on the trainer. Hopefully in April or May I'll get in a few 3hr rides and be ready for some fast June races and Calgary in July. The running is holding steady, I'm running quick- still able to hold a decent pace but again my endurance is not where it should be and that's okay. I can only run a max of 8 miles and I'm normally running 5-6 miles, just fine for this time of year.

I'm taking the family to Mexico for a week as Amber's parents are there and we only have to pay for our flights so I'm looking forward to running and swimming with Amber everyday and having some live in babysitters for a week. It'll be nice to feel the warm sun on our faces for a short while in the middle of January and come back refreshed and ready to get through the remaining winter.