Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Final Speed Revolution Race- #6!

This past weekend was the final Speed Revolution race- #6; Stop-The-Punishment Rollers I was a little sad to see the series end but also a bit relieved. After 5 punishing 5 mile races I was feeling the draining effort but I was also starting to feel like my running form was coming back. After the last race I was sure I was losing 'it' but I was fighting a flu all week and the hills were absolutely draining. I ended up going slower than the last race where we did 2%-4%-6%-4%-2% change every mile and I was devastated.

This time I did have a stellar run, the race was a 2%-4%-2%-4%-2% change and I took a full 2 minutes off my time from 9 weeks ago. I felt a lot lighter and easier and the 4% didn't bother me nearly as much as it had before. It's nice to have some great athletes take part in the series and now I'm looking forward to organizing a Speed Revolution bike series for the spring and summer. The weather is finally starting to turn around and you can feel spring in the air. I managed to get my new bike out for a couple rides last week and even though I'm not in very good bike shape right now it feels so nice to be outside again.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jasper in the Springtime!

I love Jasper in the spring, finally the long winter has ended and you can feel the warmth in the air and summer is just around the corner. Amber and I spent an incredible Easter weekend in Jasper and I managed to thoroughly tire myself out with a lot of trail running. Fortunately I had company with Amber and Harley close by. I arrived Wednesday afternoon from Edson after Amber drove from GP and we had a nice meal at Evil Dave's, they definitely know how to cook fish and the salmon there was awesome. I worked most of the day Thursday but was ambitious enough to go to the pool in the morning and got in a few sets of 500s. After work we went to the "Hunger Games" and I was pleasantly surprised, it was a pretty good show.

Friday was the start of my trail running adventures, I did the Pyramid Lake climb with Amber and H-Dog and spent a good two hours out there enjoying the day. I'm not really in trail running shape so spent the rest of the day relaxing and recovering. I didn't want the weekend to go to waste so I was determined to get out there on Saturday and Sunday too, Saturday was a shorter-easier hour run up the #1 loop with a nice view of the town at the top and Sunday was a tough snow packed loop on the #8 trail. After Sunday I was really beat up and started to feel some bad pain under my right foot. I knew what was wrong, my calves were completely knotted up and my achilles was telling me to take it easy. Thankfully I have a wonderful wife and she massaged them for me for a good hour when we got back on Tuesday and things are coming back to normal now.

We also did a couple things we don't usually do, drove up to Maline Lake and took in the views and went to Jasper Park Lodge for lunch/dinner. I can see why people enjoy staying there it's an incredible hotel but I'd much rather stay in a cheaper hotel and enjoy being outside. That's what Jasper is all about for me.