Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Family Fun Run

This past Sunday was the first race I've done where I ran as a family with Amber and Harley, it was a nice change to the previous years I've competed in the GP Fall Classic. I set my 10k PR at this race in 2009 with a 34:25 and it was the first time I'd ever run a sub 37 minute 10k. I remember the extreme suffering I went through from start to finish to get that time and it was nice to just be a part of the race atmosphere without all the pressure to obtain another PR. I'm still dealing with the achilles injury but I can run, very slowly, which I'm very grateful for. I realize now how much more important it is for me to feel active and healthy than it is to win. I may be a lot slower but being able to be apart of the training and racing environment is a lot more important.

It was also the first time we ran with a new member of our family, Amber is 5 months pregnant and the little guy got a free ride (in utero). Amber has had some really tough times during this pregnancy but I'm really proud of her to go through it all and face it like a trooper, she is creating a life that we're going to love every day of our lives and I can't wait to find out what fatherhood is going to be like.