Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ironman Arizona 2012

What an incredible week, Amber and I spent a short week traveling from the great white north to sunny Arizona. Our good friend Kevin competed in his first Ironman after months and months of hard training and it paid off big time. We left on a Wednesday and returned the following Monday but did a lot in those short few days. On Thursday Kevin and I rode the Ironman bike course and although I was on a beat up road bike I really enjoyed being outside and seeing the course all the athletes would be battling it out on. The ride out was tough with a headwind and slight uphill and the ride back was very fast and tons of fun. Friday we went to the outdoor pool and met some friends from Calgary and banged out a few laps.

It was also the day we got an up close and personal look at our new baby boy, we did a 3D ultrasound and it was incredibly emotional- both Amber and I really saw what he was going to look like and were so excited to see him! He's healthy, happy and ahead of where he should be in terms of development, his due date was pushed up to February 1st so we know he's growing very quickly. I can't wait to have a new member of our little family he'll be the most loved and cared for kid on the planet- that I'm sure of.

Sunday was the race and even though I knew it was going to be tough on Amber she did a really great job, resting when she needed to rest and making sure she ate regularly and had a nap when she was feeling run down. All in all the race was so much fun and had me reinvigorated to start training again for Ironman CDA. I started getting really serious about Achilles treatment and have gone to 2 ART treatments, it's a little early to tell if they are working but the doctor says if I keep it up I should be healed in three weeks.