Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bike Binge

It's normally pretty tough for me to get on my bike with the little man around but I managed to get in some pretty good rides over the holidays. Although I only had time to ride twice this week I managed 7 rides in 14 days in Calgary, not too bad considering it was the holidays and I'd normally just be drinking coffee and laying around. It's easier when you aren't running at all, my foot is still an issue and now I'm starting to worry about Florida. I really need to start getting in some long runs soon and I can barely get in 30mins without pain. I've never had Plantar Fasciitis and I hope I never do again but it really sucks. It's over 3 months and I've done everything I can think of, I just have to be patient. I'll get back I know it's just going to take some time.

Swimming has been going okay, I'm not fast but I feel good in the pool and the bike is about the same. The speed will come later just need to keep working on that base, did a 2hr 30min ride with some guys today and it amazed me how quickly the time went by, I didn't think I could ride that long but it wasn't a problem.